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Watches of Switzerland logo, symbolizing excellence in integrated facilities maintenance for 52 stores.

Watches Of Switzerland Integrated Facilities Maintenance

Client Need

Watches of Switzerland, operating 52 stores, required a comprehensive facilities maintenance provider to ensure seamless customer experiences. They needed 24/7/365 support, project management for large tasks like fixture coordination, and data-driven solutions for efficient operations. With a focus on preventive maintenance for critical systems like HVAC and fire safety, Watches of Switzerland aimed to uphold operational excellence while enhancing customer satisfaction across their retail network.



To meet Watches of Switzerland's needs, DAVACO provided a comprehensive solution across their 52 stores. They offered 24/7 service support, managed project coordination, fixture ordering, and data collection. With a focus on preventive maintenance for HVAC, fire safety, and pest control, DAVACO ensured seamless operations and enhanced customer experiences for Watches of Switzerland.


Project Included:

  • 24/7/365 Service Intake/Triage/Support
  • Project Management Coordination for Larger Projects
  • Fixture Ordering and Coordination

Plumbing Services

  • Survey and Data Collection, as Needed
  • Work Order Management System
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs for: HVAC, Fire Life Safety, Pest Control

Client Benefits

  • Nationwide Consistency
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
Watches of Switzerland fixtures, showcasing quality and precision in facilities maintenance across 52 stores.
Workers fixing watches with HVAC service on roof, exemplifying Watches of Switzerland's comprehensive facilities maintenance.
Interior store fixture at Watches of Switzerland, reflecting meticulous maintenance in their comprehensive facilities management

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