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Flexeserve Equipment Maintenance & Asset Management

Client Need

Flexeserve was in need of a comprehensive program for maintaining their facilities, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of their equipment and overall facilities.

They sought a comprehensive range of services including warehousing, asset tracking, data analytics, and labor deployment to enhance warranty management and optimize their service operations.


DAVACO executed an all-encompassing facilities maintenance initiative, equipping Flexeserve with state-of-the-art warehousing, fulfillment, asset tracking, and data analytics capabilities.

This innovative solution guarantees streamlined equipment and facility management, optimizing operations while reducing downtime.

  • Fulfillment Including Material Warehousing and Parts; Labor Warranty on Equipment
  • Asset Level Reporting on Repairs Made
  • Tracking Of Parts Used at a Serial Number Level, Including Return of Faulty Equipment for Refurbishment
  • Labor Deployment to Support Warranty Part Installation
  • Service Triage and Intake to Identify Parts Needed
  • Subject Matter Experts to Provide Technical Support to Field
  • Data Analytics Provided to Track Metrics of Service as Well as Asset And Inventory Reporting

Client Benefits

  • Enhanced Equipment Efficiency
  • Streamlined Operations
  • Improved Warranty Management
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
Red, countertop Flexeserve warmer with precooked sandwiches in brown paper and words reading 'Grab something hot' along the top of the case.
Small, black countertop Flexeserve cooler stocked with pre-cooked breakfast foods  for ready-to-go serving.
Large Flexeserve cooler with chilled food and beverage for on-the-go food sales.

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