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Trulieve Facilities Management & Special Projects Support

Client Need

Trulieve sought comprehensive and seamless maintenance support, complete with round-the-clock assistance, to effectively oversee its swiftly growing network of cannabis dispensary locations.

With a notable 100% increase in their footprint over a six-month period, they needed a partner capable of adapting to growth through acquisitions and new site openings while ensuring uninterrupted operations.


Trulieve partnered with DAVACO to receive an integrated facilities maintenance solution, ensuring seamless support for all trades, including 24/7 after-hours assistance across 160 locations spanning five states.

Leveraging a web portal system and data analytics, DAVACO delivered efficient service intake, triage, and support, enabling Trulieve to maintain the integrity of their operations and focus on their core business.

Project Included:

  • Integrated Turn-Key Facilities Maintenance Support For All Trades Including 24/7 After Hours in 160 Locations Across 5 States
    • (Program Started in March 2021 with 80 Locations Across 5 States)
  • Special Project Completion in Grow & Processing Locations
  • 24/7/365 Service Intake/Triage/Support
  • Full Web Portal Systems Offering to Client with Locations Submitting Requests Direct
  • Data Analytics to View Completion Metrics, Average Spend and High Spend Sites
  • Service Bundling to Extend Lead Times on Non-Critical Repair Work and Bundle Multiple Issues Into (1) Visit For Cost Savings
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs for: HVAC, Fire Life Safety, Pest Control
  • Recurring Services for: Landscaping, Irrigation Management, Snow Removal

Client Benefits

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Scalability
  • Data-Driven Insights
  • Resource Optimization
Storefront of a Trulieve cannabis store. The white and green logo sits atop an adobe-style building with glass doors.
Interior view of a Trulieve cannabis store. White marble accents match the white and grey flooring with wooden accents and colorful, block artwork.
Checkout station at a Trulieve cannabis store. The register is surrounded in green block accents with white marble flooring and counters.

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