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MASTERS AND MINIATURES. Proceedings of the Congress on Medieval Manuscript Illumination in the Northern Netherlands (Utrecht, 10-13 December 1989)

MASTERS AND MINIATURES. Proceedings of the Congress on Medieval Manuscript Illumination in the Northern Netherlands (Utrecht, 10-13 December 1989)



1989. (25 x 30 cm). 476 pp. incl. ca. 350 ills. Bound in paperback. and printed in an edition of 750 copies


ISBN 90 70288 74 5



Robert W. Scheller - From Meerman to Marrow: Two Hundred Years of Miniature Studies

Johann-Christian Klamt - Sub Turri Nostra: Kunst und KŸnstler im mittelalterlichen Utrecht

Frits Pieter van Oostrom - An Outsider's View

Dutch Manuscript Illumination in Relation to the Artistic Developments in Neighbouring Regions

James H. Marrow - Dutch Manuscript Painting in Context: Encounters with the Art of France, the Southern Netherlands and Germany

Maurits Smeyers and Bert Cardon - Utrecht and Bruges - South and North. 'Boundless' Relations in the 15th Century

Herman Th. Colenbrander - The Limbourg Brothers, the Miniaturists of the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry ?

Bodo Brinkmann - ܆ber den Meister des Dresdener Gebetbuchs und seine Beziehung zu Utrecht

Dieter Jansen - Entlang des Rheins: Wanderung von Dekorationsmotiven im Umfeld der Windesheimer zwischen Köšln und Utrecht

Michael Schauder - Konrad Witz und die Utrechter Buchmalerei

Dagmar Thoss - Der 'Meister des schwarzen Gebetbuchs': Ein HollŠändischer Buchmaler ?

Jeffrey Hamburger - The Casanatense and the Carmelite Missals: Continental Sources for English Manuscript Illumination of the Early 15th Century

Alicja Karlowska-Kamzowa - NiederläŠndische GebetbŸücher in der Gotischen Kunst Ostpreussens

II. Stylistical and Iconographical Aspects

William Voelkle - The Amerongen / Vronensteyn Hour (Brussels MS II 7619), Morgan M.359, and the New Iconography of the Virtues

Jochen Luckhardt - Zur Bildaustattung des Totenbuches der Johanniterkommende Burgsteinfurt

Rineke Nieuwstraten - The Jason Master as a Narrator: the Illustrations to Raoul Lefvre's Historie vanden Vromen Ridder Jason' (London, B.L., Add.MS 10.290)

A. Koldewey - Pilgrim Badges Painted in Manuscript: A North Netherlandish Example

III. Artists, Workshops, Manuscripts, Regions

Anne Hagopian van Buren - Jan van Eyck in the Hours of Turin and Milan, approached through the Fashions in Dress

Dorine Proske-van Heerdt - The Dirc van Delft-Style: Structure and Chronology

Charlotte Lacaze - A Little-known Manuscript from the Workshop of Master Pancraz

Paul Pieper - Das Stundenbuch der Sophia van Bylant im Werk des BartholomŠusmeisters

Klaas van der Hoek - The North Holland Illuminator Spierinck: Some Attributions Reconsidered

Hans-Walter Stork - Zwei illustrierte 'Leben-Jesu' - Texte des 15. Jahrhunderts in LŸüttich und Chantilly

Wim van Anrooy - The Gelre Wapenboek and its Most Important Miniatures

Dick E.H. de Boer - Illumination of Accounts. Decorative Tradition in the Accounts of Holland, ca. 1360-1420

Marta O. Renger - Some Distinctive Utrecht Workshop Procedures around 1400

Robert G. Calkins - The Question of the Origins of the Master of Catherine of Cleves

Gisela Gerritsen-Geywitz - FleuronnŽéestile in Utrechter Handschriften des 15. Jahrhunderts

Jos. M.M. Hermans - Glimpses from the North: Selwerd and Thesinge, Two Workshops in Groningen (ca. 1470 - ca. 1530)

Richard W.M. de Beer - Four manuscripts from the Friars of 's-Hertogenbosch (ca. 1520-1530)

IV. Relations to Works in other Media

Albert Ch‰âtelet - Peinture et Enluminure au XVe Siècle

Pieter F.J. Obbema - Panel Painting and Book Illumination in a Monastic Workshop ca. 1440-85: Evidence from the Accounts of Lopsen near Leiden

Fritz Oskar Schuppisser - Copper Engravings of the 'Mass Production' Illustrating Netherlandish Prayer Manuscripts

J.P. Filedt Kok - Master IAM of Zwoll - The Personality of an Engraver [Abstract]

Klara Broekhuisen - The Bezborodko Masters and the Use of Prints

Diane G. Scilla - The Woodcut Designers of Delft and their Ties to a Dutch Manuscript Illumination

V. Texts and Materials

Margriet HŸlsmann - Text Variants in the Utrecht Calendar: A Help in Localizing Dutch Book of Hours

Lydia S. Wierda - Some Observations on the Importance of Texts for the Study of Illuminated Manuscripts

J.R.J. van Asperen de Boer - The Examination of the Milan-Turin Hours with Infra-red Reflectography. A Summary of Results [Abstract]

A. Wallert - Instructions for Manuscript Illumination in a 15th Century Netherlandish Technical Treatise

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